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Soko I

Un niña gato, bohemia & artista. De voz que llora, pero con un alma alegre. Mientras tanto sus calcetines yacen muertos o son zombies & sus cumpleaños siempre serán un Happy hippie birthday. Siento nostalgia de su música. Cayendo...

"Keaton's song"

You gave up on me way too fast Our parents would've never done that Give me time and I'll prove you that I am better that I showed you last
You are sick and tired of seeing me cry You don't know how to calm me down Please read me poems, and make me laugh Remind me how lucky I am
You wonder why I hate myself I'm trying to kill the worst of me To be the best for you To be the best for you
You haven't spoken a word for days Writing all down, you say keeps you alive You grow a beard to hide behind So I can not read your mind I can not read your mind I can not read your mind
You built walls no one could climb And bury yourself in your Victorian mind You said "Forget it, it's better like that" Si…

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